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Poker Tournament In 7XL

In 7XL poker, you can play a variety of different and special poker tournaments. In this tournament guide for 2021, we have prepared a full explanation about all of the types of tournaments on 7XL and how to find them in the system.
To find the tournaments, you need to log in to the 7XL software and click on Tournaments in the top right of the menu (see photo).

Click on Tournaments (Mark with Red Arrow)

After you clicked on the Tournaments button, a new menu will open on the bottom with a list of different tournaments.

  • Bounty Hunters
  • Chinese Zodiac
  • Omaholic
  • T$ Builder
  • GGMasters
  • High Rollers
  • Daily Guarantee
Tournament Filter

At the bottom right of the tournaments screen, you will see the tournaments filter. This filter tool allows you to find the tournaments you want to play in easily. By clicking on:

  • Freeroll – We will see all tournaments you can enter for free or by reservation.
  • Micro – All tournaments that have a $0.01- $4.99 entry fee
  • Low – All tournaments that have a $5 – $19 entry fee.
  • Medium – All tournaments that have a $20 – $99 entry fee.
  • High – All tournaments that have a $100 or more entry fee.

With filters, you can check which tournaments are playing (Show Running) or to see tournaments that give tickets to higher entry fee tournaments (Show Satellites).

Tournaments Filter 7XL


WSOP tournaments are the added value of GGPoker, following the corona epidemic and the ban on gatherings, WSOP tournaments are performance online and all players are welcome to participate and to play for a chance to win WSOP title and a prestigious bracelet and much respect. Admission to these tournaments is usually high with a high number of players with total prize pool which can reach millions of dollars.


In this type of tournament, you will see all the tournaments that lead to tournaments with total prizes of at least 1 million dollars (and a million yuan  for the Asian players). The entry fee starts from $100 and goes up to $1,000.

Tournaments Section Million$
Tournaments Section Million$
Up to $2,000,000


The GGMasters tournaments are suitable for advanced players. These are daily tournaments with entry fees that start at the tens of dollars and go up to thousands. The guaranteed prizes in these tournaments are high and can even reach a total of one million dollars in prizes.

GG Masters
GG Masters Tournament
Sign Up to GGMasters
Sign Up to GGMasters

High Rollers

High Rollers tournaments are played several times a week, and they have high entry fees and high guaranteed prizes. Some of the High Rollers tournaments are combined with GGMasters and Millions tournaments. The entry fee to High Rollers tournaments starts at $50 and goes up to $10,000 for professional players.

High Rollers Tournaments
High Rollers Tournaments
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Daily Guarantee

The Daily Guarantee tournaments are the most popular for playing. As their name suggests, they run every day. Their entry fee starts at $1 and goes up to $300 so they can fit into all players’ budgets. There’s also a minimum total prize pool guaranteed in every tournament, so even if not many players are registered for the tournament, the total prizes will be guaranteed (GTD).

Daily Guarantee Tournaments
Daily Guarantee Tournaments
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Bounty Hunters

Bounty Hunters tournaments are very popular because they provide an added excitement layer and rewards to players during the game. This means players don’t have to reach the end of the tournament to make a profit (in Bounty tournaments you get paid for every player you take out of the game). Bounty tournaments are played every day and their entry fees start at $1 and go up to $3,150 for WSOP Bounty Tournaments. Because of the popularity of Bounty Hunters games, you can play them as part of High Rollers and more.

Bounty Hunters Tournaments
Bounty Hunters Tournaments
Sign Up To Bounty Hunters Tournaments
Sign Up To Bounty Hunters Tournaments

Chinese Zodiac

7XL Poker is part of GGNetwork’s network of gambling sites, which are also popular among Asian audiences. The network offers them a selection of daily tournaments with entry fees and prizes measured in Chinese yuan . During Chinese holidays and events, you can find a large selection of tournaments related to Chinese culture and some are even open for free registration to all players.

Chinese Zodiac Tournaments
Chinese Zodiac Tournaments
Sign Up Chinese Zodiac Tournaments
Sign Up Chinese Zodiac Tournaments


Omaha tournaments are very popular and in 7XL you have a wide variety of tournaments. You can play Omaha as part of Bounty Hunters, High Rollers, as well as Daily Guarantee. The entry fee starts at $1 and goes up to $3,150, so if you are a fan of Omaha Poker, at 7XL you will find great tournaments for you.
Omaha Tournaments
Omaha Tournaments
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T$ Builder

This type of tournament is for beginner players who want to practice their skills in tournaments. When registering for this type of tournament, 7XL will not charge a commission and the prizes will be calculated solely according to the number of players registered and there will be no guaranteed prizes. The tournaments will start as soon as there are at least 2 players registered and the prizes will be paid as a T$ – tournament dollar.
T$ - Builder
Sign Up To T$ Builder
Sign Up to T$Builder

Download 7XL & Sign Up

Registering for poker tournaments is very simple! All you have to do is sign up to 7XL and download the 7XL poker app software, log in, and choose Tournaments games from the menu bar.

Once you have downloaded the 7XL software to your computer, tablet, or mobile device (for a comprehensive explanation of the registration and installation of the software), click on Tournaments on the menu bar, and choose which one you would like to play.

To learn about the deposit methods available, click. website is an official affiliate of the global 7XL platform. It is in no way responsible for the goods and services provided. The services are provided by 3rd party-providers, and users assume sole responsibility for their use.

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