Deposit Method To 7XL Poker App

Now in 2021, we have a few different deposit methods to use in 7XL. You can place a deposit directly into your 7XL account using a credit card or you can deposit bitcoin or use a player transfer. In this deposit guide, you will receive a full explanation of how to deposit by purchasing bitcoin on your credit card and transferring it to your account within a few minutes.

Step 1

Click On Cashier

For starters, click on the Cashier button on the main screen in 7XL which will take you to the external deposit screen of your account where you can make a deposit (Marked with a red arrow).
Click on cashier
Step 2

Click On Deposit

In the second step, click on Deposit and select the Bitcoin deposit option. You will then see a long address of numbers and letters. This is your bitcoin address on 7XL. Where we will transfer the purchased bitcoin. Leave the screen open and move on to the next step.
Step 3

Go To

Now, we will visit the biggest bitcoin trading platform, Binance. If you don’t have an account, make one (click here, it takes 2 minutes). On Binance, we click on the option to purchase Crypto using a credit card at the top left. To go to the Binance website, click.

The purchase process takes one minute. On your first time using your credit card on Binance, you will have to do an identity verification (with your driver’s license). The verification operation takes only 3 minutes and is a one-time step.

Remember, no matter what the rate of the bitcoin is, you will get the value of money you have decided to deposit in your account at 7XL.

Step 4
Click on Withdraw
Click on Withdraw
Click Submit
Click Submit

Send Bitcoin

Once you have purchased the bitcoin, it will be waiting for you in your wallet on the Binance site, ready to be withdrawn and sent to your 7XL.

Go to your wallet and click on Withdraw in the Bitcoin line. Then copy and paste your wallet address in 7XL (return to the open screen on 7XL). Select the BTC network to transfer and the amount of Bitcoin you want to transfer. When finished, click Submit.

* Remember, there’s a fixed fee on withdrawals. No matter what amount you transfer you will always be charged a fee of 0.0005 Bitcoin.

Download 7XL & Sign Up

If you have not yet registered for 7XL, you must do so before making a deposit on your account. Registration is easy and fast and players from all over the world are welcome to register and play on the site. Want to join the biggest poker community in the world? Sign up today! Click below on the registration link.

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