Rush and Cash

What is Rush & Cash Game?

In the 7XL poker app, you can play Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker games in the Rush & Cash format. Rush & Cash format dictates that once you have decided to fold, you immediately move to another table with a new hand. This way, your wait time is reduced, and you can see a lot more hands in a given play session.

Also, Rush and Cash’s players have a chance to win cash bonuses that show randomly on the table – 7XL’s way of incentivizing players to play more hands. The bonus range is from 10 to 600 in blinds. Small bonuses will be given to the player’s hand, and large bonuses will be given equally among the players. In the attached table, you can see the possible blinds and entrance fees in Texas Hold’em and Omaha in 7XL games.

7XL rush and cash entrace fees and prize
Blinds, entrance fees and possible bonuses

Who should play Rush & Cash poker?

The format is suitable for players who want to see a hand at any given moment without waiting for other players to finish. It’s also for players who are not interested in learning their opponents like in regular formats and prefer to proceed quickly to the next hand without seeing how the previous hand ended or what the opposing player held in their hand.

Rush and Cash Format:

  • Game type – Texas Holdem and Omaha poker
  • Number of players – Minimum 3 players, Maximum 6 Players
  • Thinking time – 12 seconds
  • Additional bank time – 10 seconds
  • Additional time in case of network problem – 2 minutes

Additional options in Rush & Cash Games

  • All in insurance – Enabled
  • Multiple dealing – Enabled
  • Straddle & No-Look All In – Disabled

Download 7XL & Sign Up

Registering for Rush & Cash in 7XL is quick and easy! All you have to do is sign up to the 7XL Poker app, download the software (The complete guide to register 7XL Poker), and choose the Rush & Cash game.

After downloading the software to your computer, tablet, or mobile device, click on the menu above Rush and Cash games (see photo), choose which game you want to play, Texas Hold’em or Omaha, and the blinds that suit you.

Find rush and cash game in 7XL poker
How to find Rush and Cash game

Here is an explanation about the game type columns in the 7XL game menu:

  • Games column – Shows both Texas Hold’em and Omaha games options
  • Stakes column – Shows the games’ blinds. You can select the blind you want to play
  • Buy-in column – The minimum entrance fees for each game type you can play
  • Players column – Number of actual players you may play against in the rotating tables
  • Tables column – The number of active tables you can play in
  • Hands / Hr column – The number of hands played in the last hour
7xl poker what are the columns in rush and cash game
Choose the right table for you to play

How to deposit to 7XL poker?

The deposit options for 7XL in 2021 are very easy to manage. You can deposit directly into your account in 7XL using a credit card and save the agent’s commission.

In order to make a quick deposit, we’ve created a full explanation of how to deposit with Bitcoin on your credit card and transfer it to your account in a few minutes. Click on the guide How to deposit. website is an official affiliate of the global 7XL platform. It is in no way responsible for the goods and services provided. The services are provided by 3rd party-providers, and users assume sole responsibility for their use.

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