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In the 7XL poker app, you can play Texas Hold’em poker tournaments in the Spin & Gold format. The Spin & Gold format is a No-Limit Hold’em poker game. Once three players sign up, a wheel will spin that will randomly stop at an amount that will multiply by the registration fee you have chosen and thus determine the prize for the winner.

Game Format:

  • Game Type – Texas Hold’em Poker
  • Number of Players – Minimum and maximum 3 players
  • Response Time – 12 seconds
  • Extra Bank Time – 30 seconds
  • Extra Time In Case of Disconnection – 2 minutes
Blind and Game structure
Blinds and Game structure

How The Prizes Are Determined?

The amount of the prize that the winner can have will be determined by the registration fee for the game you have chosen (the registration fee ranges from $0.25 to $50) in a ratio of 2 to 12,000 times. It is important to remember that the initial amount of chips and the structure of the blinds will be determined by the amount of the prize. This gives players a different opening possible in every game they play.

The probability of getting a doubling of 12,000 times is 1 per 1,000,000 games compared to the chance of getting a doubling of 3 times being 444,012 per 1,000,000 games.

The larger the prize, the wider the distribution of prizes.

Distribution of prizes
Distribution of prizes

What extras does the game have?

  • Spin Insurance – Enabled. Allows you to receive the entrance fee if the wheel stops twice in the prize.
  • All In Insurance – Disabled.
  • Multiple Dealing – Disabled.
  • Straddle & No-Look All In – Disabled.

Download 7XL & Sign Up

Registering for Spin & Gold is quick and easy! All you have to do is sign up for the 7XL Poker app (for more info about registering and installing the software), download the software, and choose the Spin & Gold games.

Once you have downloaded the software to your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device, click on the Spin and Gold games menu at the top left of the screen (see image), choose which entrance fee you want to pay, how many games you want to play and whether to add insurance.

How to find spin and gold game in 7XL
Click on the Spin and Gold

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