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In the 7XL poker app, you can play poker in a special format called All In Or Fold. The format is played in Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker games. The format rules are simple once you get your cards, you have to decide whether to go all-in or throw your hand and fold.

The entrance fee to Texas Hold’em poker is 8 times the big blind and for Omaha players 4 times the big blind. For example: if you chose to play Texas Hold’em in blinds of $5- $10 then the entry fee will be $80 and in Omaha, it will be $40.

The All In or Fold format starts as soon as 2 players sign up to the table.

Format structure:

Game Type – Texas Hold’em and Omaha Poker

Number of Players – minimum 2 players, maximum 4 players

Response Time – 12 seconds

Extra Time Bank – no

Extra Time in Case of Disconnection – no

Minimum Players – 2 players

Buy In Table Rate for All In Or fold

What is Special About This Game?

The game format of All In or Fold in 7XL is special because each player’s playstyle is as relevant. Even professional players can lose really easily. Once you enter, there are only 4 players and there are no hand progression phases. However, you have to decide straight away whether to throw or go all in. Luck is the key factor in this format, not skill. If you get a good sequence of cards you will most likely win.

Is the game suitable for everyone? Definitely not! This game format is not for everyone. It requires a high bankroll. It also necessitates knowing how to manage losses and when to leave the table as soon as you win.

The height of the blinds doesn’t matter as you choose $0.05- $0.10 or $10- $20. You must remember that the entry fee is 8 times for Texas Hold’em games and 4 times for Omaha games. Entrance fees may be enough for just one (you need to choose All In or Fold, remember?). If you lose, you must enter the same amount of the entrance fee again, and if not, you will have to leave the table.

We would not recommend players with a low bankroll and a faint heart to play this format. It may be more advisable to choose a more suitable format for them for poker games.

How the All In or Fold table look like? As you can see in the attached photos, the table in All In or Fold format is stylized with an arena background that fits this knockout style of play. On top of that, players are forced to pay for weak hands.

Play With Weak Cards
Not the strong hand win
Not The Strong Hand Win

Additional Information

  • Jackpot – Get a bonus as soon as you get a Straight Flush in Texas Hold’em games or a Royal Flush in an Omaha game.
  • All In Insurance – disabled in this format.
  • Multiple Dealing (Run Few Times) – disabled in this format.
  • Straddle & No-Look All In – disabled in this format.
  • Downloading Chips From The Table – Enabled. Players who boarded chips can withdraw money up to the level of the entry fee.

Download 7XL & Sign Up

Registering for All In Or Fold games in 7XL is quick and easy! All you have to do is sign up to the 7XL Poker app, download the software and select the All In Or Fold games.

Once you have downloaded the 7XL software to your computer, tablet, or mobile device (for a comprehensive explanation of the registration and installation of the software), click on All In or Fold on the menu bar, and choose which one you would like to play.

To learn about the deposit methods available, click.

How to find all in or fold poker in 7XL
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